Kimera Review

Kimera Review
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Today, the technology of food supplements is developing rapidly. When combined with a good diet and regular practice of training and exercises, dietary supplements will definitely bring ideal results. Kimera fat burner is a product by the Healwheel Company which is known to provide the wellbeing and health of the customers.
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What is Kimera

This dietary product is a thermogenic food supplement meant to burn the excess fats in the body effectively and efficiently. It burns as much fat as possible by converting the burnt fat into energy, and this product is likely to improve the natural rate of fats oxidation.

Action Method of Kimera

The action method of Kimera is effective and will ensure that all your excess fat is burned completely and converted into energy. Usually, the ingredients of this product will permeate blood which transports active substances to the kidneys and adrenal glands. It will then make the adrenal glands to block adenosine which causes the release of Noradrenalin. This is the hormone that boosts the conversion of fatty acids into energy. It also accelerates the fat burning process which is converted into energy during exercise. The supplement will then help remove any stomach fat by improving the absorption of proteins and metabolism which is the most significant component of your muscles.

This supplement has undergone thorough tests which are aimed at confirming and proving its effectiveness. A study was also carried out where the first group took Kimera for 3 months while the other group took another dietary supplement. The results finally came, and they showed that the average body fat drop in percentage of the group that took this specific product was 95% while the group that took the other supplement was 20%.

The dosage of this product is also easy to follow because the instructions are on the package. The intake does not also require a doctor’s prescription. You are recommended to take 3 pills in a day. The first pill should be taken before having breakfast while the other pills should be taken at intervals of 4 hours. The tablets are supposed to be taken with plenty of clean water to allow complete absorption.

Composition of Kimera

This thermogenic supplement uses all natural ingredients to form an effective formula. The product is responsible for speeding up metabolism as well as generating a higher calorie burning from the already burning fat which is used as a source of energy. The ingredients used to form this formula are also safe and have been clinically tested. They include:


This ingredient is the most psychoactive substance globally. It is known to be a good source of improving aerobic performance. It is also known to burn fat and also a perfect bioavailability for the people wanting to optimize fat loss. Caffeine helps in the buildup of lactic acid (the only chemical responsible for post workout soreness) in the body muscles. Moreover, this ingredient helps in converting excess fat reserves into useful energy which is used during workouts.


This ingredient is obtained from dried extracts of Citrus Aurantium which is known for increasing the basal metabolism rate. It also helps in releasing norepinephrine as well as distributing the already burnt fats which are used as energy. It is extracted from dry bitter oranges and is known to boost the rate at which the body utilizes calories. This ingredient is also involved in suppressing appetite.
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This ingredient is found in green tea extract. Its main function is improving the oxidation of lipids as well as stimulating the metabolism of muscle, fats, and liver. This will then promote control of body composition in the long term.


This ingredient is the main component of ginger extract. It is a strong antioxidant which is highly involved in the reconstruction of cells by fighting the free radicals. Studies also show that this ingredient reduces muscle tissue pain.

Ginger Extract

This ingredient is known to fight free radicals which usually make the muscle sore after exercise. It also improves the metabolic rate by 22% by enhancing the utilization of oxygen in the muscle cells.


This ingredient is known to boost energy thus helping you to work more effectively and intensively.

Vitamin B

It supports the functioning of the brain as well as the nervous system in case of increased mental and physical stress.

Where to buy a Kimera

This dietary supplement can only be purchased online on the official web page of the manufacturer. It has not yet been released on the pharmacies or medical stores to prevent users from counterfeit supplements. The ordering process is quite simple because you are only expected to fill an online form containing your details such as your name, your location, your contact, the quantity you want and so on. Delivery of your pills will be made as soon as the manufacturer receives the payment which may take two to three days depending on where you are situated.

Kimera Price

The supplement comes in three bundles where each packet contains 60 tablets. The first bundle contains 6 packages which sell at £ 75 while the second bundle containing 6 sets selling at £ 149 and finally the last package sells at £ 35. The manufacturer also guarantees your money back in case you find the product not effective enough for you. You will also get a 50% discount in case you purchase this dietary supplement directly from the manufacturer. This means that when you buy two packets, you will get two free and buying three packets you will get three free. Order yours today and enjoy a smooth fat burning process without having any side effects.

Kimera Reviews

I had a very bad tendency of requesting for large pizzas every day even after having my meals at home. This had become a habit, and within months I started adding weight. Breathing became a problem, and this started making me nervous. I started going to the gym, but this never went on for long because I would go home feeling very tired. I decided to do the pills, but they never worked as well. This now became a problem to me because even after quitting my eating habits, I still added weight. I did some online research, and luckily I came up with this product. I began medication, and within two months I had shed the excess fats in my body. Thanks to this supplement because now I feel whole again.


My weight had become a problem. I had tried all means to slim, but my methods bore no fruits. I had even started quitting meals, but it didn’t help as well. A friend of mine then suggested this product to me. I immediately placed an order and within three months of continuous intake, all my excess fat was gone and I now feel comfortable.


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